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Support is being focused on our support page (Support — Beyond Labz) as well as our support email (support@beyondlabz.com). Please reach out to us at those locations for support inquiries.

Help!!! I am trying to do the Organic Chemistry Benzene Nitration lab. I cannot get anything to move! Please help. I am afraid I am not going to be able to finish my class on time because I cannot get this program to work.

@efuller Can you please email support@beyondlabz.com and explain your problem?
Have you watched the intro video to the Organic lab to help you learn how to move things around in that specific lab?
This Vimeo Showcase has many different videos that will help show you how to get started in that lab: Help Videos - Organic Synthesis on Vimeo

But if you are still having questions after watching those videos, please feel free to email us and send a video of what you are trying to do that isn’t working or screenshots, so we can help you quickly figure out how to get started!

Hello. Do you have a list of specific heats for the metals available in your stockroom?

@dbrowngrant I replied to you directly by email, but just so others see this response here in case they have the same question. Yes, we do have a database with all of the specific heats for the metals in Calorimetry. Feel free to reach out to support@beyondlabz.com with any questions like this and we are happy to help!