You don't have an active license

I was trying to get into beyond labz. But every time I try to open the organic chemistry lab it says that I don’t have an active license.

Yeah, I am having this same problem.

@haz7jf , @Brandoni10 ,

Please ensure that you’re launching the lab from, this is the main gateway to the labs to ensure that they load properly. When launching from the icon on your toolbar or desktop, you shortcut the process and it does not allow the program to verify your license with our backend servers.

If you’re still having trouble feel free to reach out to us at support.


Students receive a message, you do not have an active license, from time to time and one of hem told me she solved it leaving and coming back, another “resetting” another did not go back to me. Is there something that we are doing that causes that?

Great question! Sometimes students’ Beyond Labz Connect programs just need to be reset if they are using our web version. So if they Quit the flask icon in their dock and then refresh the browser they can reconnect and Open the lab again without the license error.
If they are using the older Beyond Labz client version, they need to make sure they have Beyond Labz open when they go to open the lab they need and that they have entered an activation code in the License tab so their expiration date is in the future.
If any students continue to have issues, please have them reach out to Support for personalized help.