Worksheet assignments

Don’t worry if you missed today’s sessions, we will be posting the webinar recordings as soon as possible.

We are also planning some additional live sessions for this Thursday (19th) at 10AM and 5PM EDT - please return here for the Zoom details around an hour before the starting time.

As before, we are planning to cover the following topics.

  • Lab overview and familiarization
  • Using worksheets and presets with your students
  • Lab walkthroughs
  • Q&A

And we would really like your recommendations on which lab simulations you’d like us to demonstrate, and any other questions or issues you would like us to cover.

Thanks and look forward to hosting you!

I am interested in using the worksheets and also the best way to use and grade the lab notebooks


We can cover that in our next Webinar on Thursday. In the meantime, you can assign worksheets to students by giving them a worksheet title and they would in turn open that worksheet from the Worksheet tab in the client. There is a corresponding preset for each worksheet in the landing page for each lab product, but make sure the correct level (higher ed, high school, etc.) has been selected in Settings in the client.

Students can printout a worksheet, fill it in, and then take a picture and upload to your LMS. Some instructors have their students create a Word or Google doc and write in their answers and paste in graphs, ccreencaptures, etc. There are lots of ways to get the worksheets back.

Any additional specific questions we can help with?