Windows download issue (for client)

I am a college student and I am trying to download the Beyondlabtz client (windows). I successfully downloaded the installer, and when I clicked on the beyondlabz client icon, all I have is this blue window stuck there not moving. I’ve had this window opened for the whole night and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling for several times, and I have not been succeed. Sometimes it just donwloads for a little bit and stops. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I’m so sorry that isn’t working for you! I would recommend you get to wherever you can have the most stable fast internet you can find.

Here is the standard solution to that problem:

It looks like something got messed up on your initial download.

So what you are going to need to do is force that install to stop. Force close if you need to with the Task Manager.

Then go into Add or Remove Programs and Uninstall Beyond Labz.

Then open this folder:

c://Users/YourUserName/AppData/Roaming (that is a hidden folder. you will need to show hidden folders to allow you to see that).

Delete the beyond_labz_cc folder in that roaming folder please.

Then open c://Users/YourUserName/AppData/Local/Programs

delete the beyond_labz_cc folder in that location if it is there.

Delete the installers that you had already tried to use.

Restart your computer if you haven’t done that recently. Make sure you have installed any system updates your computer may need.

Now if you have antivirus software, you may want to disable it temporarily.

Then download a fresh installer from our website:

Just download the installer, double click on it and see if it will proceed all the way through the installation this time.

If that doesn’t work, please reach out to us on the support page: or email and we can help you with your specific machine.

Does having a vpn running interprets with the downloading of the client?

@lfang It shouldn’t. We have several students abroad that have been downloading the program over VPN.