Why labs always in "installing 100%"

After purchasing the license and downloading the app, I install the labs but they always stuck.
saying it is “installing 100%” but never finished.
I follow the instruction of the “help” button that helps with the situation when mac gets stuck in installing. But I found another issue saying that the mac cannot unzip the virtual lab zips.

I used the terminal to unzip, but it fails as well.
Could anyone tell me how can i unzip the labs?

Oh I’m so sorry! What that error means is that your lab folder got corrupted when it downloaded- there was probably an internet hiccup or something. So you’ll need to delete the zipped folder and just redownload it to get a fresh one. It should go smoothly this time!
If you need any further assistance, please email support@beyondlabz.com and we’re happy to help!