Why labs always in "installing 100%"

After purchasing the license and downloading the app, I install the labs but they always stuck.
saying it is “installing 100%” but never finished.
I follow the instruction of the “help” button that helps with the situation when mac gets stuck in installing. But I found another issue saying that the mac cannot unzip the virtual lab zips.

I used the terminal to unzip, but it fails as well.
Could anyone tell me how can i unzip the labs?

Oh I’m so sorry! What that error means is that your lab folder got corrupted when it downloaded- there was probably an internet hiccup or something. So you’ll need to delete the zipped folder and just redownload it to get a fresh one. It should go smoothly this time!
If you need any further assistance, please email support@beyondlabz.com and we’re happy to help!

I am having the same problem with installation stuck at 100% and not completing. Where is the zipped folder that I need to delete and download again. Thank you.

Are you on mac or windows? Here are the instructions on windows:
This is probably what you are going to need to do:
Here is a video showing the steps you need to take and below are written instructions:

Fixing Stuck Windows Installation - Portal BeyondLabz com

Disconnect your Connect program-

Click in the bottom right of your screen on the up arrow, right click on the flask icon and select Quit:


Open this folder on your computer (its hidden, you’ll have to unhide folders)


You should have an unzipped folder there called Virtual ChemLabWin (you’ll have folders for any labs you attempted to download). If the unzipped folder is empty, try to unzip the zipped folder- if that doesn’t work, delete the zipped folder (it must have gotten corrupted) and download again from the website.

Please drag that unzipped folder to this location:

C://Program Files

Now refresh your browser (ctrl+r) and login again, Connect again and hopefully the lab will say open this time!

If you still need help, please reach out to support@beyondlabz.com with specifics on where you got stuck and we can help you!

The mac install video where we show the process of finding the hidden folders on mac is on the support page if you need that one.

My zip files stay corrupt no matter how many times I reinstall, I can’t completely delete the program as it won’t allow that… I’m not sure what to do at this point?

@Amanda_Page Sounds like you need more intensive help! Please reach out to support@beyondlabz.com and we can dig into the specifics of what type of computer you are on and what is blocking the installation. Please include in your email what antivirus software you have and your operating system and any specifics about your situation. Looks like you have been licensed since January, so please explain if you have been struggling with the program since January, or if this is a first time thing with a new lab. We’ll help you get to the bottom of this!