Virtual Labs Won't Load or Quit

I was doing the Fish Cousins Virtual Lab in Biology on BeyondLabz when it stopped loading after I tried to load the sequencer a third time. I tried to quit the tab hoping I could reopen it and it would load better, but the screen turned white and its been almost a week and I still have been unable to close the tab. The tab has remained a white screen and I am unable to uninstall the lab or quit it.

I use a MacBook Air, and I have not seen anyone with the same issue as me. Please let me know fast if you can help!

Thanks for contacting us! Our biology lab can be very taxing on computer graphics - and it looks like your computer may just be a bit overwhelmed.

To close the lab - click on the apple logo at the top left of your screen, select “Force Quit”, and select the biology lab. Alternatively, you could just restart your computer.

To avoid this issue in the future - we recommend you close ALL other programs besides the biology lab. Make sure you right click on the programs and select “Quit” (or use command+q while the program is open) and don’t just click the red x.

That should help improve the performance of your computer, and thus our Biology lab.

If you are still stuck after all of that and need help - please send an email to for the fastest response time. We check our community often, but our support email is still the best and fastest way to reach us!

Thanks and let us know how things go!

That works, thank you so much for your help!