Version 1.7 - All things Mac! Troubleshooting a Mac Install

Demo video for installing the labs on a Mac - installation troubleshooting

I followed the steps here: Download corrupted: We have seen some issues with corrupted downloads (in particular, but not restricted to, occasions when the computer has gone to sleep during the download process). If you have downloaded and installed a package, but you are unable to run the lab (you double click, or click open, and nothing happens), you may need to go back through the download process. To do this, close the Beyond Labz client programme, then go to your “Applications” folder and delete (move to Trash) the specific lab application that is not launching, then restart the Beyond Labz client and you will be able to download again.
And I deleted the specific lab application, but when I restarted the BL client, it still says “open” which I am not able to do. I am also not able to redownload the specific application. What should I do?

A couple follow up questions- Could you try closing Beyond Labz with the white Exit arrow in the top right corner (not the X)? Check the Applications folder and make sure the Virtual __ Lab icon is gone.
Now reopen Beyond Labz.
Does it still say Open?
If it says Download again, you can attempt the lab install again.
If it still says Open, please let me know and we should hop on a video call to sort out whats going on!

Having the same issues as the chem1010 user above. I followed the steps, the download didn’t necessarily say it was corrupted but when I go to open the application it doesn’t create a pop up or interface like the ones in the troubleshooting videos. I double click and it does nothing. So I got rid of my download, went back to download the client again, but it still didn’t launch. It says it’s open, but it’s not appearing. Additionally, I have an icon in my tool bar that allows me to quit the application, but no white Exit arrow. Lastly, when prompted to install labs in the web client it gets to 100% then says that it wasn’t successful and to try again.

Any advice?

@angeline Sorry you are having difficulty with the program. We will need more information could you email or go to our website and select support. Thank you.

Did you figure out your lab installation? Sounds like you are dealing with a bunch of different issues here. Please just email us and we can help with your specific setup.

Thanks for asking. I did end up contacting beyond labz support and now have access to the labs.