Update for Organic - more technique

Hi, In one of the virtual sessions about a month ago, it was mentioned that towards the end of June you would have a more technique based organic material. Is that still the case and if so, how do we access it? I would like to use this for the Fall, but I don’t want students to purchase yet for organic 1 unless it’s technique based.


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Great question! I just need to edit the worksheets and then we can get them posted into the next release in the next few weeks.
The activities are:
Using Thin Layer Chromatography
Performing a Separatory Funnel Extraction
Performing a Distillation
Recrystallizing a Compound and Determining its Melting Point
Interpreting a Mass Spectrum

Hope that helps!

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Awesome! I definitely want to check these out and I plan to have students get this in the fall to supplement the lab.

That is fantastic Heather. Keep me posted as we plan for the fall. Don

Also VERY interested in this

@heather I am also quite interested in this. I see it’s been some time since the post was made. Are there any updates to accessing these features?

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@bingoglia @lukemanp @estesdon @dbromfieldlee

Finally! Our Technique worksheets are available (along with an updated database with bug fixes)!
Here’s how you can get them on your current version of Beyond Labz.

This is what you do:

(1) In the Beyond Labz program, click on the Settings tab. Click Clean and Close to delete the old worksheets.

(2) On Macs, delete the Virtual ChemLab Organic from Applications (not Beyond Labz). On Windows, go to Add or Remove Programs and then Uninstall the VirtualChemLabOrganic program (not Beyond Labz).

(3) Start the Beyond Labz program back up again and click Download for Organic again.

The newest version will now be available for you to use. When you open Organic, you will see a new section called Techniques at the top of the list for the Organic Worksheets. This section is are where the new worksheets are.

Anyone who downloads the program for the first time from today on will have our latest versions already, so they don’t need to go through this process.

Thank you Heather. How do I go about getting instructor copies? I am planning for students to just purchase these on their own but our lab professors would need copies.


Are you asking about getting instructor manuals for the lab professors? Or about getting activation codes for the professors?
If you want instructor manuals, please email me @ support@beyondlabz.freshdesk.com

If you want to get activation codes for the professors, just reach out to Sales and they are happy to set up an activation code for all of your instructors. https://www.beyondlabz.com/sales-contact

I hope that helps!