Update for Organic - more technique

Hi, In one of the virtual sessions about a month ago, it was mentioned that towards the end of June you would have a more technique based organic material. Is that still the case and if so, how do we access it? I would like to use this for the Fall, but I don’t want students to purchase yet for organic 1 unless it’s technique based.


Great question! I just need to edit the worksheets and then we can get them posted into the next release in the next few weeks.
The activities are:
Using Thin Layer Chromatography
Performing a Separatory Funnel Extraction
Performing a Distillation
Recrystallizing a Compound and Determining its Melting Point
Interpreting a Mass Spectrum

Hope that helps!

Awesome! I definitely want to check these out and I plan to have students get this in the fall to supplement the lab.

That is fantastic Heather. Keep me posted as we plan for the fall. Don