Unable to verify license

I have been using Beyond Labz for a while now and it was working up until a few days ago. I try to open it and it says it is unable to verify license so I tried deleting the application on my Mac and redownloading the Beyond Labz connect but the link to download Beyond Labz doesn’t work.

I’m so sorry you have had a hard time.
Our portal website was experiencing difficulties a bit earlier tonight. Is that possibly what you were having issues with? Just getting into the portal? Or have you been using our older Beyond Labz client version and now you are trying to download the same program again? If you want to download the older version, this is where you get that from: https://www.beyondlabz.com/v-1-7
If you are trying to download the new website version, Beyond Labz Connect, please come back to our website, log back in and click Download for Mac.
You will get the license error anytime you try to open our program without accessing it correctly. If you are using our older Beyond Labz client, you have to open that first, before trying to open Chemistry. If you are using our website version, you have to login to the website and click Connect to make sure your license transfers over.
Please let us know if you have any further questions over on the support page: https://www.beyondlabz.com/support