Unable to install chemlabs

I am using a windows 10 laptop, updates are up to date, and I was able to install the client. When I click install for the Chemistry lab, it downloads to 100%, and then opens a box that says it if configuring chamlabs to windows. The progress bar immediately jumps to 100% after a few seconds, and then seems to crash. I’ve tried reinstalling beyond labz client, deleted the msi from appdata and reinstalled, deleted the chemlabs program through add/remove programs, and nothing seems to work.

Are you in the main admin user account on your computer, or a different user account?

Different user account, but when it prompts admin password for install and access to command line, a admin password is entered


Ok, well then the different user accounts must be the issue!
Lets get that fixed:

Close beyond labz with the exit arrow in the top right corner.

The lab folder is installing in the Admin user folder, instead of the user’s Local folder.

So what I’d recommend is that you check for the lab folder in this location: C://users/AdminUser/AppData/Local/

There is probably a folder installed there called Virtual ChemLabWin.

So then if you drag that folder over to their equivalent location in your user side, then it will work just fine. So drag that folder to this location: c://Users/YourUserProfile//AppData/Local/

Open Beyond Labz and now Chemistry should say open!

Let me know if you have further questions-