Unable to download on Chromebook

Hi I have a Chromebook and Beyond Labz wont download onto my computer and I’ve tried looking around to see if I was doing something wrong, but cant figure it out. My Chromebook model is a 2017 N16P1 acer Chromebook.

Oh i’m sorry you are having a hard time! What error are you having? Does the PlayStore say your chromebook is incompatible or will it let you download it but it just won’t open.
Have you tried cleaning your cache and restarting your chromebook?

It wont let me download it at all, it will open to the google play store but it wont let me download it says error and under the app it says I have no devices and I’m not sure how to clean my cache.

I’m so sorry! That is a strange error. Can you take a screenshot of that page from the PlayStore?

If the Play Store says your chromebook isn’t compatible then there must be some hardware incompatibility that won’t allow it to run it unfortunately.

That means that you will have to borrow a windows or mac computer or another chromebook that actually is compatible. Maybe your school has loaner computers you could use?

The alternate solution is to ask the IT department to host a Windows version of the labs on an app server such as Citrix, Apporto, VMWare, etc. There are many available. This would allow the app to run through an HTML5 browser (such as Chrome in Chromebook) and as if it were running on Windows. Your university tech people should be able to set this up. I know of many schools who use this approach for a wide variety of software that needs to be accessible to students on a variety of devices.

You can certainly ask your professor to send that request on to IT.

Hey Heather, I’m also having trouble downloading Beyondlabz on my Chromebook. The first problem is that I need the biology beyond labz and i don’t even see that in the google play store. The second issue is that i can’t even download the other lab options because although it states that my device is compatible for the download, when it says select a device to download, an unknown Motorola phone pops up as my download option with no other choices. Please let me know what you think i should do.Thanks

Good questions. The fast answer is that we don’t have Virtual Biology up in the Play Store yet. So if that’s the program you need, you are going to need to borrow a windows or mac computer. I’m so sorry!
To download the other labs, it sounds like you need to configure your chromebook to show up as a device in the play store, to allow it to be the primary device you download the program onto. Is that Motorola phone one you registered with the Play Store at some point perhaps?