Unable to complete subject download

Hi! I was downloading the subject Physics and when a pop up appeared I selected “no” instead of “yes” and now it won’t complete the download and I don’t know how to restart it or get it to complete.

@lauren.bionson Oops! Ok, so you didn’t let it move the lab file over to where it needed to be on your computer.
This is probably what you are going to need to do:
Here is a video showing the steps you need to take and below are written instructions:

Disconnect your Connect program-

Click in the bottom right of your screen on the up arrow, right click on the flask icon and select Quit:


Open this folder on your computer (its hidden, you’ll have to unhide folders)


You should have an unzipped folder there called Virtual PhysicsLabWin

Please drag that folder to this location:

C://Program Files

Now refresh your browser (ctrl+r) and login again, Connect again and hopefully the lab will say open this time!

If you still need help, please reach out to support@beyondlabz.com with specifics on where you got stuck and we can help you!