Tryng to uninstall Beyond Labz and reinstall it

Hi! I am trying to reinstall beyond labz since the download keep freezing on me. I went to apps & features to try to uninstall beyond labz 1.7.0 but I get this error message. I previously deleted some folders which may be the issue, but am not sure how to get them back since I also deleted the

m in my recycling bin. I have attached the error message to this post.

@connor Can we hop on a video call like we talked about in your prior message? That will be the easiest way to sort out your deleted folders. Can you submit a ticket on Click the blue More Help button and reach out to me there, then I can privately send you a video link?

sounds good. Will try that out right now!

I sent in a ticket let me know if it went through!

@connor Got it. I just responded!

Where may i see the response? I see nothing in my email inbox.

It finally popped up

I am eyeing my emails. Send me a video request whenever you get the opertunity!