Trouble Exporting PDF on Mac

Hi Beyond Labz community,

I’m currently having trouble with the exporting feature. My beyond labz takes forever to export a pdf file. I waited for an hour and the program still said that it was exporting so I closed it. I tried multiple times but no success. Does anyone have any idea?

Please help me find a solution because my professor requires a pdf submission.

Thank you!

If you’re still having problems, please visit and use the “More help” widget to raise a support request.

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That sounds so strange!
Can you please check to see if your Mac has any system updates you need and try restarting your whole computer. Then please let us know through the support page Brent mentioned if you continue to have issues exporting.

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I’m having a similar issue. My PDF exports aren’t getting generated.

Oh wow! Ok we’re going to need to track down what is happening here- can you tell me what operating system you are on? Have you installed system updates and restarted recently? Which lab bench are you trying to use? Have you saved your lab book file to your desktop already, so at least that won’t be lost?
Can you explain when you have this issue? ie- repeatable steps that we can check on our end.

I’m using my MAC. Yes, all systems are updated. Organic Chemistry. Have saved one after multiple tries of attempting to export, I decided to save it. Though once in exporting mode, the software looks frozen so you cannot even save your work. So saving has to completed first. Then attempt exporting.

The Issue is, my professor wants a pdf file of the work. But every time I select export, it takes forever and does not actually export. No action is done. After hours of waiting, I just restart the computer.

Can you try just disconnecting the Connect program and then reconnecting and opening organic again and see if it still does that for you?

Click in the flask icon in the top bar of the screen, right next to the wifi symbol and the time. select quit.

Then in your browser click Cmd-R to refresh the browser.

Then log back in, click Connect again- it might take a couple clicks- just wait and it should reconnect soon.

Have you been fully closing Organic every time when you are done using the lab or have you been leaving it minimized and running in the background.

I disconnected but it didn’t work. I have the downloaded app on my laptop. Once I quit the software, I reopened the app. I do not need to log in,

Yes, I exit the lab and close the app.

To access the software -> I select beyond labs -> organic chemistry -> on the interface that states welcome to organic chemistry virtual lab I select the lab I need to complete. After completion, on file I select export PDF. And that picture on bottom right corner is what happens after. The screen remains like that.

Oh! you have our older version of the program! Got it. I will look into what might be happening on our end. I’d recommend that you save your labbook file regularly to your desktop and that you try restarting your mac to see if that makes a difference.

Hello Heather,

I ran an update and Beyond Labz now runs smoothly.

Thank you for your help!

Oh that’s such good news! thanks for letting me know!