Trouble being able to do more than one practice unknown

When I go into inorganic, create a practice unknown, complete and get the reveal for the unknown, I cannot do reveals for any other unknowns I create for this group. I have tried clearing the unknown and then creating a new one without any luck. The only way I seem to be able to create an unknown and be able to do a reveal is to exit beyondLabz and then reenter. The problem is I always get the same practice unknown. With version two I could create practice unknowns all day long.

Any ideas why version 3.0 limits me to one practice unknown?


You can select an unknown, submit it, clear the lab and do it again - that will allow multiple attempts of the unknown if desired. If the you want to assign the same group of ions but have students get a new unknown, you can save the lab as your own preset and assign or send that preset to students and it will generate a different unknown.

The reason a user gets the same unknown every time is due to requests from many users who found students would fish to get an easy unknown.

To add some clarity - while Student A will get the same unknown each time they launch the preset, Student A’s unknown will be different from Student B’s unknown.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!