Titration Data

Can the actual titration data underneath the plots be accessed?

I can save a titration graph and then open the graph in the lab book, but I don’t see whether I (or students) can access the actual data. In one of the videos, it looks like the user opened a table in the lab book, but I can’t figure out what she did differently.

In short, I would like students to be able to plot and manipulate the data in an external spreadsheet program. Is that possible?


Great question. Yes, absolutely! Sorry that is unclear.
What you are missing is this Save button:
When you click that before you start your titration, all of the volume & pH data points are saved into the lab book.

Then when you finish the titration, click Stop

Then if you open the Lab Book, you’ll see a link with all of the data.

If you click Copy Data, all of the data is saved to the Clipboard and then you can have the students paste that in a spreadsheet program to manipulate however you’d like.

Does that help? Any further questions?

Works great. Thank you!