The second part of the Recrystallizing a Compound and Determining its Melting Point does not work

I am doing this experiment for my class. When I try to do the recrystallization in step 8, the flask disappears without recrystallization being performed.

Be sure that you are dragging the right flask! You should be dragging the flask with the solid compound to the crystallization dish, not the one with the liquid distillate in it.

If that is what you are doing, you may want to check if your lab needs to be updated. To to that, open the organic chemistry lab and click on “About Virtual ChemLab Organic” in the bottom left corner. See the attached screenshot.

You should have product version and database version 1.13

If you don’t, let me know and I’ll guide you how to update.


How are you even getting crystals in the second part??? Everytime I try it my thermometer keeps flying out of the flask and I’m not getting crystals. I’ve tried it probably 30 times already

@Laukey I just responded to your other post, but it does sound like you are missing the venting step. This video could show you how to do a distillation. Let us know if you are still struggling with the recrystallization part too.

This video is from the old version of the software, but the lab functionality is the same- just the interface is slightly different.