The problem about installation

When I installed Chemlab, this error occurred after the progress bar was loaded to 100%, and the progress bar was stuck at 100% and never moved again. I tried to change the permissions on the file, but it didn’t work. I want to know what to do.捕获

It is a permissions issue.

Here’s what you are going to want to do:

Disconnect your Connect program-

Click in the bottom right of your screen on the up arrow, right click on the flask icon and select quit:


Open this folder on your computer (its hidden, you’ll have to unhide folders)


You should have an unzipped folder there called Virtual ChemLabWin (or Virtual __ Lab- whatever lab you are trying to install)

Please drag that folder to this location:

C://Program Files

Now refresh your browser (ctrl+r) and login again, connect again and hopefully the lab will say open this time!

Let me know how that goes-

Thanks! The problem solved!