The Labnotes are stuck in "exporting" for 15 min and going

Hello there,
I have downloaded the labnotes previously without issue. Today I selected the text to copy in word and after I copied in word, I click to “export to pdf” and then I got stuck. I’m still waiting. I used windows and this is the first time this happens to me. I would appreciate any help as I need that notes today and I’m also worried about losing the data that took me 1hr to obtain. Thanks!

that sounds so frustrating! Have you saved your lab book as a .lbk file (how it saves if you select save)? I would recommend always saving first, before exporting, just in case!
Now, on to your issue!
My guess is just that your computer froze - have you checked for system updates, updated your computer and restarted recently?
You said you “used windows”- does that mean you are not using windows this time and you are on a mac, or that you are actually on a windows machine?
Unfortunately if your computer froze, you may need to restart your computer and there may be no way to get your data back. For the future, I’d recommend closing the program every time when you are done using it, not just leaving it minimized, in case it draws memory on your computer. and I would save frequently!

Thank you for your comment Heather. I’m using Windows and I have been working on it continuously, so I did not let the the lab run on the back for hours. My computer is updated so no issues there and is frozen the Beyond Labz window, the rest is working perfectly.

ok, i’m going to try to replicate this myself. Do you have the .lbk file you can send me and I can see if I can export it?

Hi Heather, I do not have a .lbk file. What I did what “ctrl +c” copy all to Word and then, I went to “export to PDF”. So my guess is that the “selected all” messed the lab’s ability to export the notes.

Yes, seems to work just fine on our end. Looks like your computer got stuck right where you should be selecting the location in which to save.
Are you available to hop on a video call with us? Please feel free to reach out to us on the support page:
and we can set up a zoom call with you to see what is going wrong!

Yes, exaclty got stuck right before selecting the location.
I’m available now so I should fill the form on the support page?

yes, that would be great- I’ll send a link as soon as I get it.

Thanks Heather, I filled in already and I hope we can sort this out!

This is unbelievable! It happen again. I just save it in the .lbk file and when I tried to export the PDF it got stuck again.

Im so sorry to tell you that I cannot export the pdf. Now I succeed to save the .lbk file but then I got stuck again. I already filled the form on the support website but now I’m worried.