Regarding a installing a virtual lab

I have installed a beyond Labz a month ago. I have installed the virtual Labz that time. I don’t know where it went. It shows the option of open but doesn’t open at all. Even it does not allow me to download again.
I don’t know where that file lost in laptop.
I am currently using MacBook.
Can I reinstall the beyond Labz again and fill the licence and expiry date. Will that works??

I need the solution as soon as possible .

We also answered your question from the support desk as a support ticket, but thanks for including more information here.
Please look in your Applications folder to see if you have Beyond Labz in there. Or you could open a Spotlight search and search for Beyond Labz that way.
If you really think you’ve deleted in and want to redownload it, yes your license that you entered before will directly transfer over- it is linked to your computer’s hard drive, so it will automatically populate.
Make sure if you download a new version, to drag the icon over into Applications after you install it this time.
Let us know if you have further questions.