Propagation of Error

Is there a way to include error propagation with the labs? For example, if the lens focal length could have a random variance. Or, the peg distance has a 3% error.

The current labs are great for the Elementary Physics and the Fundamental Physics labs. We include error and standard deviation in the upper level physics labs.

Is there a way to write a python module which could modify the results?

I’m sorry to not respond sooner!
Most of our labs do have random error built into the lab equipment but Optics unfortunately, does not. We are aware that is a significant downside.
I would encourage you to read through the Help files to understand the assumptions and models we set up.

We do not have a way currently to modify the results with a python module.

However, as an extra tip you may have not noticed, you may find it useful to modify preset files and set up experiments that way.

Hope that helps at least a bit!

This was very helpful! I can write a script to randomize the text file. This will work great for % error calculations. Thanks.

Oh I’m so glad that will help! Good luck!