Program says I do not have an active license despite having purchased it

Everytime I try to open my chemistry program, it forces me to shut it down, stating that I do not have an active licence. I reached out to customer support who told me to quit the program from the bottom right corner and reconnect, and still nothing is working. I have work that I need to complete on this within the next two days and its incredibely frustrating that I am unable to use something that I have purchased :confused: Does anyone have any advice. I have an HP envy for reference

I just reached out to you from the support desk again! I’m so sorry you are still having issues. We are happy to help you get your program up and running again.
I recommended 3 things there- creating exclusions for our folders in your antivirus software, checking for windows updates and restarting your computer and downloading our most current Beyond Labz Connect program to replace the one you have to see if those solve your issue. You want to have Beyond Labz Connect 2.0.3 if you are running into issues like this. If you aren’t having issues, there is no need to update.
If those don’t solve it, I told you I’d be happy to hop on a video call with you to sort it out!