Physics Lab - Specific Heat of Metals - Trouble w/ metals in stockroom

I’m in the Virtual Physics - Specific Heat of Metals lab, and am trying to add metals in the stockroom. I’m not able to drag metals to the dish or double click any of the metals from the metals cabinet. I’m able to open the drawers, but that’s it. I need to add aluminum, and then stainless steel. Could you please advise?

Note: I’ve done several labs in Virtual Physics in the last few weeks, and this is the first time I’m encountering a problem with adding materials in the stockroom. I’ve watched the demo lab to prepare and they didn’t have trouble adding metals.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the answer I received from support desk:

“Do you still have another metal out in the lab? That would be why you couldn’t get another metal. You can always put your other metal away or click the red disposal bin to clear the lab.
then you will be able to select a new metal.
does that clear it up?”

Clearing the lab by selecting the red disposal bin worked for me.