PDFs to grade lab notebooks?

We’re likely using your lab products this academic year. I’ve gotten comfortable with “running” the organic synthesis labs, but it’s not clear how we might grade the notebooks that students save without creating a huge burden. If each student saves an individual notebook file, the instructor would have to open each notebook file, then might have to click on 5-10 separate items (i.e., TLCs, spectra, additional notes, etc.) and look at them individually. For our large classes, that could mean thousands of mouse clicks per week for the grader and no easy way to categorize them.

Is there a way to create a PDF of the lab notebook contents so that each TLC, spectrum, etc. is automatically uploaded into a file that we can use for a grading program such as Gradescope? Is there an alternative way to capture each TLC or spectrum and paste it into the MSWord version of a workbook?

Great question! Yes we have now finalized the export to PDF function. So as soon as the next version is released (beginning of august), you will be able to just tell your students to export their labbook as a pdf and then you can see all the spectra and tlc and everything in one big pdf.
We hope this will help!

FANTASTIC … thanks!

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