Organic Amidation Lab: N,N-diisopropylbenzamide mp value

Some of my students are getting an mp for N,N-diisopropylbenzamide of 42 degrees C, but it should be 70 degrees C. This is happening during the synthesis experiment with benzoyl chloride and LDA. They are taking the mp after an acidic workup and recrystallization. I have watched some of my students perform the experiment so I know they are definitely taking an mp of the right compound. Is this low mp value something that can be addressed?

Hi khalliga,

We do have the melting point of N,N-diisopropylbenzamide set to 70 °C, and I do get that value when I form the compound in the software and recrystallize it. Would you please send me an email at Perhaps we can jump on a video call and you could show me exactly what you are seeing.