Not Able to Verify License

Hi, I noticed a lot of people seem to be having this issue as well, but everytime I go to open my lab, it says that it can’t verify my license and makes me close the lab. I still have almost a year on it, and I have been connecting the lab through the website as per the other instructions. I have a Mac, and I have the newest version of the lab. So just wondering if there are any updates on how to get around this issue? Thank you.

Hmm- most people having this issue on macs aren’t actually entering through the website, so that’s kudos to you to actually open the program as intended!
Next thing to check- have you ever been able to open the lab without that error at all, or have you always had that error when trying to open Chemistry?
If you haven’t always had that error, I would suggest that you delete the Beyond Labz Connect icon that you have in Applications and download a new one from the screen when prompted to download or connect. We put out a new version of the Connect program on 9/28 that really makes this connection work a lot smoother.
If that doesn’t solve it for you, please reach out to us on our support page:
because you may have a corrupted hosts entry and we can send detailed instructions on how to check and fix that.