NaOH Standardization Titration

I am able to do the first titration (of NaOH vs KHP) and get a colour change (to pink). However I do not get a colour change when I do the second titration, even if I add all 50 mL of NaOH.
Any ideas?

I just responded to you from the Support page and I’m happy to help you track it down but it would help to have some more details. Can you attach a screen video of what you are trying to do? Did you ever add indicator? Do you have the pH meter in? Can you tell the pH is changing and you just aren’t getting the color change?

I tried to add indicator but it obviously didn’t add any since it never changed colour no matter how much NaOH was added.
Yes I did have the pH meter in and the pH was changing in the manner you would expect as the titration progressed.
I know how to do a screen shot but I’m not sure how to make a screen video of the experiment.

Hi Heather,
Just to correct myself, I wasn’t using the pH meter for that experiment (I was thinking of the Unknown HCl titration).
I was just expecting the colour to change for the second titration in the same way that it did for the first titration. So it almost seems that the indicator is not being added.
I also sometimes have a similar problem of adding the indicator when I do the Unknown HCl. Except in that one, I can tell if the Bromocresol Green is added since the HCl turns yellow right away when the indicator is added.

Here is a video about how to add an indicator:

I hope that helps you figure out how to do it.
For your second question, if you are seeing yellow, that means that you have Bromo Green in there! Normally HCl would be clear.

Let me know if you need to hop on a video call at any point to figure this out. Just reach out in the Support page and tell us you want a video call.