My Active License is now not?

I purchased an activation code from the Beyond Labz website and used the program this morning. But now, I am trying to open it, and it gives me the message “You do not have an active license. Click OK to close the tab.” I checked my account on the portal, and my license still has well over 300+ days to go. Even opening the lab from the portal gives me the same error. What should I do? Would uninstalling and reinstalling help?

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No, don’t uninstall!
Just quit your connection and restart!
My guess is that you are on a mac. Please let me know if you are actually on a windows machine.
Lets have you disconnect from your connector and then reconnect and see if that fixes the issue first:

Click in the flask icon in the top bar of the screen, right next to the wifi symbol and the time. Select Quit.

Then in your browser click Cmd+R to refresh the browser.

Then log back in, click Connect again- it might take a couple clicks- just wait and it should reconnect soon.
Then click Open for the lab you need. It is always best to open the labs through the portal website- that is where your license is stored, so that needs to be open for your license to apply over to the lab and not give you that error.
Feel free to send us more info on your specific issue if you still have a problem over on our support page:

I’m on a Windows, specifically a ROG Zephyrus 502 GA. I restarted the connection somehow, and it works now. Could you suggest to the IT or R&D teams that the next update could allow you to directly input your access code to the lab instead of running the whole Connect/Portal deal? Thanks!

Matthew Johnson

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Note taken. However we also serve many people who use multiple labs over the course of a year, not just one. Our code needs to be able to transfer between our physics, organic, chem, bio labs but not to be able to be shared between friends on multiple computers. So the licensing issue is actually quite complex. We hear you on what a pain it is though.

hi. I am having the same problem. I have a Windows HP and everytime i try to log into the labs, i tap open and it pops up a message saying that my liscence is not activated even though it is. I have tried connecting and disconnecting but it doesnt work. What can i do?

You are still having that issue tonight? We were having slow server issues earlier today but haven’t seen that issue this evening.
Can you please try logging in through this alternate site to see if it lets you in without the license error:

yes, im still having problems. I tried that link but still doesnt work

Hi, I’m having the same issue. It was working for me earlier today but isn’t now… I’ve tried all suggestions above. I’m on a windows computer and when I check my profile under “License Manager” it confirms i have access still. Please Help

I found that re-entering the portal and selecting the “Connect” option worked for me.

On a side note, I wish the developers would integrate the connection individually into each application, which would then verify your code to see if you have the license. Then the app on the device could “count down” the days independent of any other server connection. I have extensively used all of Adobe’s software products, and have not had this issue. You sign in with your Adobe ID once and that is it.

@heather, Somehow, the different programs I have subscribed to such as Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Audition, and Hitfilm Pro all manage to track the lisence, preventing you from using it on multiple devices. Mabye this could help.

I’ll pass this on! thanks so much for the feedback!

Thats my problem too. Its said I dont have a license.

Ok, lets get this fixed! Are you on a Mac or a windows machine?
Did you try quitting the Connect program and then refreshing your browser and reopening the lab as I instructed above?
Please feel free to reach out to us with a support request from
and then we can dive into the specifics of what isn’t working and what you have tried!