Missing VCL 9-3

I am looking for experiments that involve saponification or ester hydrolysis. VCL 9-3 shows a worksheet for this and describes what to do in the Synthesis lab, but there is no category on the clipboard in the laboratory for this. Where is it?

Also, none of the rest of the Carboxylic Acid reactions, ester formation, amide formation, or transesterification have corresponding experiment on the clipboard or the whiteboard. Where are these preset experiments?

@scorlett I’m sorry to not respond earlier! Here is a basic answer- The worksheets are using outdated language from our last version of the program and describe finding the Activity name on the Whiteboard. We don’t have a Whiteboard anymore. What we have is the list of Worksheets on the Landing Page. If you click on the worksheet name that matches with the worksheet you want to perform, the lab will open up with the correct preset, or chemicals that you need on the shelves to be able to perform the activity. I included 2 screenshots to show how the worksheet matches with the listed worksheet names that load the program in a preset manner.
Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Hi Heather,

I appreciate the feedback. You must be getting a lot of questions from us in Peralta!

When I follow the bottom link to Ester Hydrolysis it open up the VCL, but then none of the reagents or materials for ester hydrolysis are shown. The blackboard or clipboard do not show ester hydrolysis as an option, so there are no esters
of propionic acid are shown, so nothing to do hydrolysis on. The only way to do any type of reaction on an ester is to choose the Claisen Condensation, where one can choose methyl propanoate or one of the other two ester and then add the appropriate reagent.
It’s hard enough for the professor to figure this out, let alone a student.

Finally, is there a way to simply add our own reactions to the blackboard/clipboard?



@scorlett. That is very strange. Are you staying that when Organic opens from that link you don’t see these reagents on the shelf?

For me, they appear to be the same reagents that are available when you click on the Claisen Condensation link on the blackboard.

If you aren’t seeing those reagents, you may need to reinstall Organic, because it must have messed up in its install somewhere. Feel free to email us if you need help working through that.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way for instructors to customize the blackboard.

Does this help?

Hi Heather,

Yes, I see the same thing as you. I was just pointing out that there is no entry for Ester Hydrolysis on the board once you are in the lab. Just seems confusing.

On another note, I have not been able to use Distillation to purify anything. Is there a trick to purifying liquids using this? I would assume that all liquid products could be purified by dragging the flask to the distillation apparatus
and that one would end up with a boiling point to record in the lab notebook.