Melting point of amide

Hi folks
I was running through the N,N-diisopropylbenzamide synthesis and noticed that you could not take a MP of the final product although the lit value is 68-71C.
any ideas?

Hi matchetk,

In order to use the melting point apparatus, you have to recrystallize your product. This is done by dragging the rb with the liquid to the crystallization dish on the right side of the bench. Crystals will appear for compounds that recrystallize effectively (including diisopropylbenzamide). Click on the mp apparatus and drag the capillary tube to the crystallization dish, and you should get a value for the melting point. You can rollover the tiny LED display on the apparatus to have the value displayed in larger text.

However, I found the same lit value for the mp range, and it appears that the one we have in the software is out of date. It displays as 42 °C. I will make a note so we can change it.



Thanks Kelsey- yep I noticed that your MP was off.