Make the application... accessible?

Novel idea: update that allows the users to actually see what they are doing. There is no zoom tool, option, or setting.

Thanks for the recommendation. Believe me, we are working on that as fast as we can. Our html versions that are coming out will be much easier to zoom and use on different devices.
That said, this is what we have for now. What I’d recommend is that you adjust the Display Settings on your computer screen to allow you to see the display easier.
Which lab are you using? You can zoom up on lots of features throughout the different labs- like the balance, the buret, the metals cabinet, and you can hover over the melting point device to get the melting point.
Hope that helps a bit. We know its not ideal.

I have a chrome book and need access to beyond labz for one of the courses I am taking. But there is no installation for chrome only windows and mac book. Is there any way I can get access to beyond lab?

Yes-most likely! We have our gen chem, organic & physics labs up in the Play Store app. So on your chromebook open the Play Store and search for Beyond Labz LLC and you should be able to find our apps and install what you need.
There are some devices that aren’t compatible with our apps unfortunately and there isn’t anything we can do about that so in those cases we’d say you have to find another device to use.
If you have any issues, just email