MacBook Help

I am a student trying to access my lab class. I have downloaded the Beyond Labz installer twice and have downloaded the class I need, but after a day or two the Beyond Labz app on my desktop disappears.

When I double click on the app, it also gives me this message in the picture I have attached below. I have entered the access code, but it still fails to remember it after 2 days.

Let me know what I should do.

So that is a standard Mac image that shows that you need to drag the Beyond Labz icon over into the Applications folder. All you do is just click that white icon, drag it in the direction of the arrow, and drop it into Applications.
Then the program can live in that folder and it won’t keep asking you to redownload.
My guess is that you have been clicking on the installer over and over again, rather than opening the program itself.
When you install the individual labs, you will need to drag them into the Applications folder also.
Let us know if you have further questions!