Low brightness phosphor screen

Hello everyone,

In the “effect of electric/ magnectic field on a moving charge” experiment, the brightness of the dot on phosphor screen is too faint. I have tried to increase the flux of electrons, but it does not change the brightness of the dot on the screen (which is in itself technically wrong and unrealistic).

Since I am teaching online these days and therefore I do share my screen with my students, some of them are having trouble to see the dot on the phosphor screen.

I do not think this is an error on my part/computer, I think this issue is by default. In either case, I am running the simulation on a Windows10 computer.

Many thanks.

I’m sorry your students can’t see the dot on your screen for the phosphor screen. We thought it was high enough contrast, but I guess it still isn’t what you would like.
I’d recommend you tell your students to turn the brightness up on their monitors or maybe enlarge the video image when you are screen sharing. Shouldn’t be too hard to see!
Also, the dot is less bright when you drop the intensity down to a small number of electrons/second.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated