LMS integration?

One of the things we’ve got quite high on our list is LMS integration for our worksheet content - and we’d like your input!

What would be super helpful is to provide both context as well as what you’re trying to achieve with any new feature we could develop. For example:

  • Which LMS you’re using
  • How you use your LMS, e.g., for authoring content with LMS tools versus distributing attachments or URL links for assignments, scheduling and planning coursework and assignments, managing grading workflow, posting grades to gradebook, feeding back to students etc
  • What other tools you use
  • How you use the Labs - for Flipped Classroom (i.e., before a classroom lab session), in Classroom as Lab replacement / supplement, or for Homework (i.e., after a classroom physical lab session)

Our current laundry list includes:

  • Interactive content items - so including responses to questions that the students answer (multiple choice, short answer, graphs)
  • Editable worksheets - for instructors to add / edit / delete content
  • Gradebook integration - to directly capture student responses
  • Student auto-submission - of progress in the lab experiment (e.g., screenshot, graph, data, other outcome)

Basically we’re trying to pick apart full LTI compatibility and understand whether there are specific elements that are higher priority and we could deliver in advance.