License will open up every lab except for Virtual Physics

I’ve been using the Virtual Chemistry lab all summer and now I have a single lab assignment that is due in the Virtual Physics lab. I go to start it and it tells me my temporary lab code is disabled, so I put in my paid code (that is active on the website until 2022) and it tells me its invalid. I try restarting, I try closing out my add blocker, I go into my chromebook settings and forcibly reset the app, I try uninstalling and reinstalling, I tried shutting down the whole chromebook and signing out, I contacted your customer support, and still nothing. Now I’m taking a 0% on my lab because its been 8 hours and I still haven’t had any help on this matter.

Thanks for reaching out! The license listed on your profile on our website ( won’t work on a Chromebook. We’re always happy to help though! We have a solution, but never received your communication - I even double checked our spam.

If you email us at, we’d be happy to help!