License problem

Beyondlabz says it can’t confirm any active license even though I purchased/confirmed the license a week ago. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, I have tried disabling adblocker, nothing is working with this website.

I’m so sorry you are having a hard time! Could you please reach out directly to us on the support page so we can help with your specific install issue:
We’ll need to know what operating system you are using. You’ll need to make sure you are entering the program as intended, by logging in to and clicking Open for the lab you need.
Finally- have you tried quitting your Connect connection? Sometimes it just take a reset for program to get connected and recognize your license again.

Heather thank you for the follow up, I was able to get the program working by using a different browser (Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge). I appreciate the response though.

Ok, now that is strange! Should work just find on Edge too, but I’m so glad you got it working!

I cannot access my labs as it is saying i have no active license when in fact in my license manager i do. If there is anyone that could assist me that would be greatly appreciated.

Oh I’m so sorry that wasn’t working for you last night! Please go ahead and try Quitting your connect program and then trying to log in again. If you continue to have issues, just reach out to us on