License Not Active

Hey, so I bought a license for beyond labz in july or august and it said “You do not have an active license. Click OK to close the tab.” I dont know what I should do and this is on a mac. Does anyone know what I should do because I have an assignment due very soon on this software.

So did you ever enter your activation code that you purchased into your License tab?
Are you opening your labs by clicking on the Open button from the Labs tab? To get your license to apply to the labs you have to open the labs when Beyond Labz is open. You can’t just directly open the labs with the Virtual ChemLab or Virtual Physics or whichever lab you are using icon.
then when you are finished for the day, just close Beyond Labz with the white exit arrow in the top right corner.
If you have further issues, just let us know your specifics over on the support page: