Labs starting Problem

For some reason the Beyond Labz did not work on my laptop even though I have purchase the join code

My laptop said that there was an error uncaught
Here is what happen:

It is impossible to click into any of the labs, I have refresh the page a lot of time, using different browser and wait for a day to see if there was any timing problem, but it seems hopeless
Can someone know how to fix this

Thank you

Wow it looks like you were trying to install all the labs at once!
We’re happy to help you on the specifics of your machine if you submit a support ticket over at:

Otherwise, what I’d recommend is quitting the connect program by clicking on the flask icon on the top of your screen if you are on a mac or the bottom of your screen if you are on a windows machine.
Then refresh your browser and log back in.
Let us know if they switched to Open. If not, we can help you get them fixed, but it will take a bit more work. Let us know what operating system you are on when you submit a support ticket please.