Labs for Higher Education are the same as the High School labs

As I enter the Virtual ChemLab through the Higher Education tab, all of the labs presented are the same as the highschool tab. Meaning I cannot complete the assigned lab worksheets for higher education since they are not present as I enter the Virtual Chemlab.

Ok, you may have a glitch in your permissions setting. Are you on a windows computer? Essentially your computer is not allowing permission for the website to trigger the program to switch to the other preset list.
This is the standard fix for that:

Quit the BL flask:

Click in the bottom right of your screen on the up arrow, right click on the flask icon and select Quit:


Open Add or Remove Programs menu and Uninstall Beyond Labz Connect.

Then in your browser click Ctrl-R to refresh the browser.

Then log back in, Download Beyond Labz Connect again (or if you still have the installer downloaded on your computer, just run that), run the installer and then click Connect again.

Now you will be able to switch to the other version.
Please contact us on the support page or with if you are still having issues.