Javascript error in the main process : cerificate has expired

I’m running MacBig Sur and updated to the latest Javascript. How do I fix this error?

Did you try again later yesterday? We had that error fixed by 9am Eastern yesterday. We apologize for the problem.

Yes, it worked. Thank you so much

hello there, I am presenting this same issue with my labs. I opened it a couple of days ago and it did not open, as it did before, now showing this “JavaScript error occurred in the main process”. I have uninstalled quite a few times and still get that same error. What can I do?
I am using a Windows 10 device

@wal2021 That sounds like an error due to your antivirus software. My guess is that you have antivirus software that has disabled our program. You will need to create exceptions for the folders where our program is. I’m not sure if you are using 1.7- the old Beyond Labz client, or the website version. It doesn’t look like you are licensed online.
You may have to create the exceptions or exclusions then uninstall and reinstall- depends on how much damage your antivirus software has done to our software. If you need more help, reach out to and explain your situation there.
Also, if you need help in Spanish, just let us know.
Si necesita ayuda en espanol, lo podemos hacer- so tiene que pedirlo!

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Thank you for the information, I made the exceptions from my antivirus software. Now my problem is that my license, which is still active, appears as invalid on the license manager at the moment of downloading the labs.

@wal2021 Ok, i’m glad the exceptions helped. Now on to the license.
As I said, it doesn’t look like you are licensed in our online system, so are you licensed in the old 1.7? Feel free to send a screenshot of the screen where you see that you are licensed, then I can help you figure out what is going wrong.

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@wal2021 I’m confused. Why can’t you open your Beyond Labz client and click on the License tab?
Even if you used the same activation code as your classmate you will have a unique license. So to figure out what is going on, you need to open your client and look at the license tab. That is what I want you to send a screenshot of. Of yours, from the computer you are trying to use now.
We can always hop on a zoom call with you if you need more help. Just email us as I explained above and we can help.

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I would appreciate it if we could have a zoom call, so I show you better what my problem is.

Sure. I will be home in half an hour and can send you a link.

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Thank you, I’ll be waiting.