Issues with license for V: 1.7

Hello, I’m having trouble changing the license of BeyondLabz V 1.7 and V: 2.1. I was given a code from my professor but it seems not to be working; before using it on V: 1.7, I’ve used the code when I logged into the Beyond Labz V2.1 in the web browser first and it worked without issues but I am unable to connect the website to the computer. I have read other related issues in this forum stating I can only use the code once on the computer and I believe that may be the issue. If possible I would like to use V 1.7.

Yes, I can see that you are fully licensed and activated on the portal website. We’re happy to help you get the program fully working as you want on your computer. Please feel free to just email with specifics of your issue and we can help.

Also, with the new portal version, you can indeed move between different computers with your login. So if you need to change computers, it isn’t an issue because your login is connected to your email. That isn’t possible with 1.7. The old version did not allow users to change computers, so if anything happened to your computer, you didn’t have a license anymore.

Hi Heather,

Is it possible to troubleshoot what’s wrong with the V: 2.1 also? I get this message: “Connection error - Sorry there appears to be a problem with your connection. Try clicking on Connect again and if that does not work, try quitting Beyond Labz Connect and click Connect again”; I’ve followed this instruction, as well as, uninstalling then reinstalling the software but to no success to fixing this error.

Thank you for replying back,

Yes I can help, but it is much easier if you email us at the email I gave above, so you can give us specifics on your computer- so we know if you are on mac or windows and can zoom with you to get things fixed.
My initial guesses on why you aren’t being able to connect?
Did you fully close 1.7 with the white exit arrow in the top right corner?
If you had them open simultaneously then you’ll probably need to Quit the BL Connect flask (on your bottom bar on windows, top bar on mac- by the wifi & battery symbols).
Then refresh your browser and try Connecting again.
Make sure you aren’t using the Opera browser.
Make sure you don’t have antivirus software blocking the program.

If this doesn’t solve it for you- please just email us and we’re happy to help with your specific computer.

Ah okay, I’ve sent an email just now so we can start troubleshooting. Thank you!