Issue with Sr flame test


Is there an issue with the Strontium flame test? For both me and one of my students, we just see a frozen video or sometimes we see a video identical to the calcium video. Is this intended?

@Rob_Tob Good question! The frozen video is not something I have seen. I would close your ChemLab & reopen and see if that still happens. That shouldn’t be happening.
Yes, those videos are identical. We couldn’t see a noticeable-enough difference when we were recording those videos so we consolidated and just posted one. The students will need to learn other tests to distinguish those cations.
Any further questions?

Ok, gotcha. Well it seems like the 8-1 Flame Test Worksheet could use some tweaking. It asks students to generate a practice unknown containing either Na+, K+, Ca2+, Ba2+, Sr2+, and Cu2+. It then asks students to use the flame test alone until they correctly identify 4 practice unknowns. Was the intention that If the practice unknown happens to be Sr2+ or Ca2+ they have to just guess?

Got it. I will certainly go in and adjust the worksheet. You are always welcome to adjust any of our content however you would like for your needs and with whatever issues you see.
Thanks for the feedback!