Issue with Ester Hydrolysis 1H NMR results

In the synthesis of propionic acid from methyl propionate, the product 1H NMR has a signal of about 7.8 ppm. I don’t think that is typical for a carboxylic H. Even SDBS lists that signal at close to 12 ppm.

@michguti – I agree with you. It appears to be incorrect. Thank you for pointing that out to us, we will correct it.


I’ve noticed this same issue. I am having my students perform this experiment this week, and the carboxylic acid proton is still showing at ~8 ppm. Has this issue been fixed? How do we install updates if it has?

Yes, we have fixed it on our end, but unfortunately we have decided to hold off on the updated database release until we release our newest and greatest update in mid-august.So we are not sending out official program bug updates till then. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like me to send you the file that you can manually replace on your computer to get the new database.

Thanks Heather! I appreciate the quick response and the offer to send the file. I’ll hold off I think because that wouldn’t fix the issue for my students. I will just let them know where the signal should appear and that it will be fixed in the next update.
Thanks again!