Issue With Downloading

I have tried everything that has been listed on how to fix the issue with beyond labz, I have also factory reset my computer to still not have this application work (and all my stuff deleted) how do you expect students to pass their classes if what is being provided for us doesnt work???

I just replied to your other comment. I’m happy to help, I’ll just need more information about what is going wrong on your install and what operating system you are on to be able to help.
Feel free to respond here, or we can help from a support ticket on the Support page!

i have both an chromebook and windows labtop it will not download on chrome at all windows it downloads then when i go to download the actual lab it will not its saying that my computer is in the middle of it but when it complets its not downloaded.

Ok, thanks for the bit more detail! So, I would guess your Chromebook is not compatible with our program unfortunately, if it won’t even download. Can you tell me what make and model of chromebook you have?
Next- your Windows problem. Sounds like you have the windows lab install issue. That’s an easy fix. Here is the description of how to fix it. You can either follow along with my description, or use the video to guide you through.

Systems occasionally mess up where they drop the installer files, so the solution is to figure out where the installer hid the file and then to install from there.

Directions on how to solve this (also outlined in the Youtube tutorial here)

  1. Exit the Beyond Labz client by clicking the arrow in the top right corner.
  2. Search in the hidden folders on the c:\ drive for
  • Organic Chemistry: virtualchemlaborganic.msi
  • Chemistry, look for virtualchemlab.msi.
  • Physics: virtualphysics.msi.
  • Biology: virtualbiology.msi.
  • Physical Science: virtualphysicalscience.msi
  • The file will most likely be in this location: c:\users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\beyond_labz_cc\public\install
  1. When you find it the msi file, double click on it to launch the installer.
  2. Restart the Beyond Labz client and Organic (or whichever Lab you installed) should say Open.

If this doesn’t work, delete that installer file that didn’t work and go into your computer Settings menu and Add or Remove Programs menu and Uninstall the Virtual ____ program (whichever one didn’t install correctly for you, not Beyond Labz). Then try re-downloading a new lab installer from the Beyond Labz program and start over again.

Let us know if you need further assistance

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Yes, I saw it. Did you see my response I sent with directions on how to fix that error?

Yes I will try it now