Intro- Using TLC

While using the simulation for an introduction to TLC which has students use the TLC to monitor the reaction of an esterification. While I can see the TLC window and the spots, I do not see an Rf value displayed. I’ve tried this with other reactions thinking maybe it was just for this particular experiment and nothing shows up. Is this a bug? Thanks!

Hi @jeanpinto844!
The Rf value is the just the height of the spot on the TLC plate from 0 (bottom) to 1 (top). The shape of the spot tells you polarity as well.

So no, we are not displaying the Rf values.

It would be nice to add this as a feature but I can probably have students measure with a ruler on their screens and calculate manually.

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@jeanpinto844 We’ll add it to the development list! Thanks for the feedback.