Instructor License and Answer Key

Hi, I plan to use Virtual Organic labs for my summer classes at American University. I went through “onboarding and help”, webinars, read most of topics and watched videos but still have a few questions:
1- Is instructor license different from student license or all the same? (I mean should I go ahead and buy a regular license on website or have to contact you first for instructor license?)
2- If students buy their own license individually on your website can I still assign specific homework/experiment to entire class or it is only possible when university buys a batch and distributes license to students? (does it make any difference that individual students buy license directly from you vs university buys batch license and gives code to students)
3- Is there a manual and answer key for instructor? (I saw this question in one of topics but didn’t see the answer)
4- Is there any way to contact you directly via email?
Thanks very much for your time

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@shoalehd Great questions! I’ll address them all and then you are always welcome to reach out and email us from our Support page or the Sales page with any further questions.

  1. The program is the same for instructors & students. No difference there. If you are planning to adopt us, just send us a message on sales & we’ll send you a code for a free instructor license. Our model is that the student licenses cost, but we give the instructor licenses for free.
  2. No difference. You can buy the licenses as a university or students can purchase individually. Then you can choose how to manage your class on your own. All programs are downloaded with all of our content or you can upload any of our content to your LMS system to distribute them there. Or just write your own content!
  3. Yes! Please note that you need an instructor manual when you email sales & we’ll verify that you are an instructor and then send that on to you. Just let us know which labs you are planning to use so we send the correct manuals.
  4. I outlined the ways to reach us above!
    Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Hi Heather, Thanks very much for quick respond and answering my questions. Shoaleh