Instructions for ClipBoard Present Intro to Molecular Part A

Nothing happens when I click on Instructions from the lab notebook for Part A molecular.

Is there a separate PDF somewhere? Thanks

Susanne (not sure the screenshots loaded correctly).

Great question-
The instructions for that worksheet are in the activity called Introduction to the Molecular Lab.

Sorry we did not update all those instructions in the LabBook. The worksheets are the place we keep all the instructions.

does that clear it up?


Where would I find the other instructions??

This is all greyed out on my module, and when I click one it just opens the module. I wanted to have a look before deciding which to use after Easter.

Yes all of the instructions for all of those activities are up in the portal. You are registered there. Just login and click Activities at the top of the page:

They are split up into the same units as you see there in the Virtual Biology landing page.[0]=3&ids[1]=20&names[0]=Biology&names[1]=Higher%20Ed

Oh that’s right. Thanks!

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