How do I install the virtual labs?

First, download the Windows or Macintosh version of Beyond Labz from

For Windows, run the installer and approve of any system warnings about the software. Once installed, the application will start automatically and is designed to run continuously in the background. Anytime access is needed to Beyond Labz, click on the small blue icon located on the System Tray or the white icon on the desktop. To quit the application, click on the 3-dot menu at the top and select Quit.

For Macintosh, open the DMG file and then drag the Beyond Labz app on to the Applications folder. To run Beyond Labz, locate the application in the Application folder and start it. A small flask located on the Menu Bar is used to open and close the Beyond Labz window when needed. Currently, clicking on the white Beyond Labz icon in the Dock will not open the window. To quit the application, click on the 3-dot menu at the top and select Quit.

What if Beyond Labz gets stuck when it starts for the first time, or the labs will not install?

There are three general causes for problems running Beyond Labz or when installing the labs. (1) Users must be logged in as Administrative users and not Standard users. (2) Internet providers cannot restrict access to the Beyond Labz servers. (3) Security settings for Windows Defender or other 3rd party security software for both Mac and Windows must be set to allow applications to be installed and run via the Beyond Labz client software. In general this can be accomplished by reducing security settings to their default levels.

How do I use Beyond Labz to access the virtual labs and lab activities?

Once Beyond Labz has started, click on the blue icon in the System Tray for Windows or the flask on the Menu Bar for Macintosh to open the Beyond Labz window. Across the top will be 3 tabs for Apps , Worksheets , and Activate . The virtual labs are located in Apps , the worksheets can be found in the Worksheet tab, and a Beyond Labz license can be processed in the Activate tab. To use a specific virtual lab, you will first need to install it, but once installed click on the Open button to launch it.

Where can I find the worksheets?

The worksheets are located in the Beyond Labz app and not in the virtual labs. To access the worksheets, click on the Worksheet tab near the top of the Beyond Labz window, click on the appropriate subject, and then select the education level. Some worksheets are further organized into subjects. Note that for most worksheets, there are corresponding presets found on the virtual lab landing page that configure the lab for the selected worksheet. Currently, the worksheets are in a PDF format and open in the default PDF viewer. From there, the worksheets can be used in a variety of ways depending on the classroom environment.

What is the purpose of the different Beyond Labz icons?

After the Beyond Labz installation, a white Beyond Labz icon will appear on the desktop for Windows and in the Applications folder for Macintosh. Clicking on the icon will launch Beyond Labz if it is not already running. For Macintosh, the white icon will then appear on the Dock. Beyond Labz is designed to run continuously in the background, but clicking on the white icon will not open the Beyond Labz window for Macintosh. To open the Beyond Labz window, you will need to click on the blue Beyond Labz icon on the System Tray for Windows, or on the flask located on the Menu Bar for Macintosh.

How or where do I enter my license code?

License codes are entered on the Activate page in the Beyond Labz window. Make sure Beyond Labz is running, open the Beyond Labz window by clicking on the blue icon in the System Tray for Windows or the flask on the Menu Bar for Macintosh, and then click on the Activate tab. Enter the license code (it is best to copy and paste) and then click Process. You need to be connected to the internet to process the code.

What if Beyond Labz says I don’t have access to the virtual labs?

When first installed, Beyond Labz gives you 1 day free access to all the virtual labs, but after that first day you are prevented from accessing any of the labs. To gain access, you will need to purchase a valid license code and validate it on the Activate page.

Why does it take a long time to install some of the virtual labs?

The Beyond Labz app is the central hub to manage the virtual labs, lab activities or worksheets, and valid licenses. Installing a virtual lab in Beyond Labz is a two step process of, first, downloading the lab package and, second, decompressing the package and installing the lab. Some of the laboratories, Virtual Biology in particular, are very large and contain a large number of assets. If you have a slow internet connection the download process can take some time, and the time required to decompress the large number of files, particularly for Windows machines, can also be considerable. If the spinning circle is still active then the installation process is still working.

What if I didn’t enter a code but I still have access to the virtual labs?

When first installed, Beyond Labz provides free access to all of the virtual labs for 1 day. If the labs work without entering a code, then this means you are still in the 1-day free window.

How do I quit Beyond Labz?

You can quit the Beyond Labz app by clicking on the 3 dots at the top of the Beyond Labz window and clicking Quit. The Quit option is only available once you have logged in.