Installation v1.7

How do I install the virtual labs?

Note these instructions are for version 1.7
The latest version is 2.0 - you can find instructions for v2.0 at

If you prefer, you can find a downloadable step by step guide here.

Otherwise, read on!

How do I Install the Client

  1. Download the Beyond Labz Client at

  2. Install the client by running the downloaded package. The client should run automatically after the installation is complete. If the client does not launch automatically after a few minutes, launch the Beyond Labz client manually by double clicking on the icon from whatever folder it installed into and wait for the installation to complete. This could take several minutes. For Mac, the client will be in Applications and an icon should appear on the Desktop for Windows.

What if Beyond Labz gets stuck when it starts for the first time, or the labs will not install?

  1. Administration rights: Check that you have administrator rights on your computer. Users must be logged in as Administrative users and not Standard users.

  2. IP blocked: Make sure that your school or organisation (or ISP) is not restricting access to the Beyond Labz servers.

  3. Security settings: In particular for Windows Defender or other 3rd party security software for both Mac and Windows must be set to allow applications to be installed and run via the Beyond Labz client software. In general this can be accomplished by reducing security settings to their default levels. There is a known issue with Avast Antivirus which may flag Beyond Labz software as an “idp.generic” - this is a false positive and can be ignored.

  4. Download corrupted: We have seen some issues with corrupted downloads (in particular, but not restricted to, occasions when the computer has gone to sleep during the download process). If you have downloaded and installed a package, but you are unable to run the lab (you double click, or click open, and nothing happens), you may need to go back through the download process. To do this, close the Beyond Labz client programme, then go to your “Applications” folder and delete (move to Trash) the specific lab application that is not launching, then restart the Beyond Labz client and you will be able to download again.

  5. Windows Registry issue: On Windows machines, if you are presented with an error during the client or lab installation which reads something like “You don’t have permission to install in [location]” then the problem is probably a corrupt registry index. This can be rebuilt. Please do leave a message on the forum, or contact us if you are unable to complete the rebuild and install.

  6. Windows MSI issue: On Windows machines, if you have downloaded the application but the installation doesn’t start or complete properly, and instead asks you again if you would like to download, then there is probably an issue with the MSI (windows installer). You can fix this manually by searching for the lab MSI file and double clicking on it to launch the application. You’ll only need to do this once, and Windows should launch the lab normally from then on. The MSI files are:
    i. Organic Chemistry: virtualchemlaborganic.msi
    ii. Chemistry: virtualchemlab.msi
    iii. Biology: virtualbiology.msi
    iv. Physics: virtualphysics.msi
    v. Physical Science: virtualphysicalscience.msi

How do I Configure the Client?

  1. Select the education level you need in the Settings tab. The client defaults to AP, college, or university level. To change to Middle School or High School level, click the name of the level you need for each lab. DO NOT click Clean and Close. That is used to reset the installation.

Go to the Labs tab and click Download on the labs you will be asked to use. Allow or approve of any popups or warnings that may occur.

How do I use Beyond Labz to access the virtual labs and lab activities?

  1. To launch a lab, go to the Labs tab on the Client and click Open next to the lab you need to use. A Landing Page will then open for the chosen subject, and from there you can select a lab bench from the icons at the top to enter the lab directly, or you can use a worksheet. Doing a worksheet is an easy way to learn how to use the labs.
  2. The Help menu on the Landing Page can be used to access extensive descriptions of each lab bench.

Where can I find the worksheets?

To find a worksheet, go to the Worksheets tab in the Client, select the appropriate lab and then level, and then search in the appropriate categories until you find the assigned worksheet title. Clicking on the title will open the worksheet using the default PDF viewer.

A corresponding worksheet title can also be found on the Landing Page, and it will launch the appropriate lab bench.

What is the purpose of the different Beyond Labz icons?

After the Beyond Labz installation, a white Beyond Labz icon will appear on the desktop for Windows and in the Applications folder for Macintosh. Clicking on the icon will launch Beyond Labz if it is not already running. For Macintosh, the white icon will then appear on the Dock.

Beyond Labz is designed to run continuously in the background, but clicking on the white icon will not open the Beyond Labz window for Macintosh. To open the Beyond Labz window, you will need to click on the blue Beyond Labz icon on the System Tray for Windows, or on the flask located on the Menu Bar for Macintosh.

How or where do I enter my license code?

After installation the labs will work for 5-days for free, but after 5 days an Activation code is required.

You can purchase a code on the Beyond Labz website ( or your instructor may give you a code.

Enter or copy and paste the code into the Activation tab in the Client. If you purchased the code, it will be emailed to you separately.

What if Beyond Labz says I don’t have access to the virtual labs?

When first installed, Beyond Labz gives you 5 day free access to all the virtual labs, but after that you will be prevented from accessing the labs. To gain access, you will need to purchase a valid license code and validate it on the Activate page.

Why does it take a long time to install some of the virtual labs?

The Beyond Labz app is the central hub to manage the virtual labs, lab activities or worksheets, and valid licenses. Installing a virtual lab in Beyond Labz is a two step process of, first, downloading the lab package and, second, decompressing the package and installing the lab. Some of the laboratories, Virtual Biology in particular, are very large and contain a large number of assets. If you have a slow internet connection the download process can take some time, and the time required to decompress the large number of files, particularly for Windows machines, can also be considerable. If the spinning circle is still active then the installation process is still working.

What if I didn’t enter a code but I still have access to the virtual labs?

When first installed, Beyond Labz provides free access to all of the virtual labs for 5 days. If the labs work without entering a code, then this means you are still in the 5-day free window.

How do I quit Beyond Labz?

You can quit the Beyond Labz app by clicking on the exit arrow icon (top right corner).

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