Installation of Lab is Frozen

Hi, i tried downloading the Organic Chemistry Lab a while ago but it seemed to have frozen when it reached 100%. Its been a couple days since i first tried installing it and despite it reaching 100% it still says that it is being installed. I’ve tried refreshing it and uninstalling the application but it still appears to be frozen.

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I’m so sorry you are having a hard time! Are you on a mac or a windows? That will help us know which way to explain how to finalize that installation. Feel free to submit a request for help from the More Help button on our website:
Or reply here and I can help more.

Here are the basic instructions if you are on a Mac:
Open your Applications folder.

Look for a teal icon for Virtual ChemLab. Do you have one? If so- Ctrl+Click on it and select Open to tell your Mac security that you are Ok with the program.

If you don’t have the colored icons, Open a Finder window and Unhide files (cmd + shift + . ) and then from the Go menu at the top of the screen open Library. Then open Application Support. You should have a folder there called beyond_labz_connect or blz_connect. Open that folder.
There will be zipped and extracted lab files in there. Drag the colored icons from there over into Applications.
You may have to enter your admin password to be allowed to place a file into Applications

Now click in the flask icon in the top bar of the screen, right next to the wifi symbol and the time. Select Quit.

Then in your browser click Cmd+R to refresh the browser.

Then log back in, click Connect again- it might take a couple clicks- just wait and it should reconnect soon.

Now does the Chemistry lab (or whatever lab you were trying to install) say Open?

I am also having this issue on Windows 10

Hi, sorry i was able to resolve the problem by restarting my computer but thank you!

I have the same issue with Win10

@rizlane @smsirochman
Did you two figure out your lab installations on windows?
This video walks you through how to deal with finding the hidden labs and moving them to the correct location:

Please reach out to us on the support page if you need More Help and we can help you with your specific computer.